Monday, December 7, 2015

Self Realization lesson 2

Till last year, I get angry very easily and quite frequently. I become so obsessed with myself that sometimes I dint speak to my wife for more than 24 hours. This looks quite crazy and unbelievable to me now if I look back in a hindsight in the sense how can I hurt myself and others for so long. Yes, when we get angry we are the first one to get hurt. But today, I think if everything or small small things keep on making me angry, then doesn’t it mean that I giving my control in hands of others. 

For instance, think if the people have the power to play with my mood, then how can I expect my mood to remain stable. Give it a thought. First of all, we have to understand that I should have complete control over my thoughts. If someone had said something rude or harsh, I have a choice. I have a choice to react instantly or to respond. I have a choice to become angry or to ignore or to put myself in his shoes or to remain calm. People can only say rude things but they cannot enter inside us and control our thoughts. It is very much possible that we can have control on our thoughts even faced by something unfavorable. I would only advise to keep your remote control with you. If you are driving to your workplace and in the midst of traffic jam, everyone seems to work against you like Autowallah giving you side, Bike rider driving rash and you are losing your temper, then you need to look back and go deeper to understand how weak you are if everything external is enough to make you disturb. Sorry, No you are not weak at all but you have forgotten that you have the remote control of your happiness. You just have to remind yourself that no one has the control to control your mood. I can pretty much understand that inculcating such thought process can be difficult and time taking but there is no harm in adopting this and practicing. One thing I am sure it works. It works for me, it will work for you. It has worked for thousands of souls out there. Just believe it and remember your task when something is making you angry, it’s time to snatch your remote.

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Unknown said...

very truly realised

Unknown said...

Thanks my dear wife..

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