Saturday, September 26, 2015

Self realization lesson 1

There is 1 thing that I learned very hard way. My belief become more strong when I listened again by some of the best speakers.

My personnel take about competition.

Whenever I tried competing with other people, I always performed very well, competition does boosts my performance but only for a short amount of time and after that I break down. But whenever I am competing with myself such that to improve myself every day without competing with anyone just myself only then I sustain.

Competition is just a external short term motivation that help you to excel for some time but if you want to sustain, you have to bring the zeal from inside and nothing can help you in doing that except your thoughts.

Also, competition does not let you enjoy your journey as it just focuses on ends. But life is all about journey. We have limited destinations and milestones and this life is all about journey connecting those. So, it is very important that journey should be beautiful. Even if you purchase any flight or rail ticket, it always says have a safe journey.

I remember 1 instance during my morning walk in botanical garden.It was told to me by 1 old person as a part of story sharing session in laughter club. He told that 1 youngster started walk, then run, then he started using stopwatch and then he target to increase his speed. There is nothing wrong in this but he get so obsesses with timings that he forgets to enjoy the gift of life i.e. morning walk. After sometime, he get bored of this and started hitting gym. On the other hand, there are people who never misses their morning walk, they are not worried about timings and all, they just enjoyed their morning time with the company of nature. They may be slow but are regular.

And miles to go before I sleep. . .  .  .  .  .  .  .    .      .           .           .             .    . . . . .  Robert Frost

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