Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chanakya's Chant by Ashwin Sanghi

Chanakya or Gangasagar--For whom the world is a Chessboard.

THE USP of the novel is that it can be read in 2 ways. One is a normal way like all others and the other is you read alternate chapters. The novel alternates between 2 stories  : one set in 2300years ago at the times of Chankaya and the other one is about the modern day politics. Both are compared nicely and it is proved once again history repeats itself. To really cherish the novel and appreciate the similarities, the best way is to read sequentially like normal way of reading any other novel.
Please watch the video of the launch. It says everything.


The novel is a good one and quite predictable at few places but once started, you feel like getting glued to it and the credit lies with the uncanny ability of the author. It is a good and easy read that you can carry in trains, buses, flights but I would not say a must read. It depends on your taste.  Author has done a wonderful research in producing this work  and included some famous political, scams in India. One get to know how closely related and inseparable  are business and politics. 

It is all about how the  immoral, corrupt practices play a role in politics and  has everything from corruption, humor, witty thoughts, lust, sad, moments of joy, hypocrisy, double standards . But one good thing shown is that in spite of corrupt practices used for making govt, the new govt do some good work for society. It is like  a society where taking bribe is no longer wrong but taking bribe and still not doing favors is a crime.

It is a pleasurable read and provides value for money. It costs only 195 at bookstores and 127 bucks at Flipkart.

Let me gear up for my next read, A house for Mr. Biswas by VS Naipaul.


Anil S M Ingle said...

good work, helped me to know the kind of taste need to read such novel, keep posting

Unknown said...

Thanks Anil. I will definitely keep posting the reviews and you continue to give me the novels in gift.

Nitin said...

It was not just about corrupt politics but how an alternate approach was used to do something rightful...

Overall essence caught right on though.

Unknown said...

Thanks Nitin.

Rahul said...

Dodging two different areas this book places too many characters at one place. Untill you go full concentration, easy confusion is on the cards. Politics is rampant in the narrative which can confuse and even bore the casual reader. choose it wisely as its much heavy interpreting this one.

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