Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trip to Matheran-Day 2

Day 2 - Lunch at Lonavala

We Woke up at 8 am. Prateek woke early and begun to wake everybody else. I had put an alarm at 6 in the hope of going to mooring walk at such serene and green place and to inhale my share of fresh air which we hardly get in the cities like Mumbai. But, without any doubt, I failed. Alarm did not woke me but disturbed all others. Someone is shouting, whose alarm, whose alarm. Without giving any attention and response, I switched off the alarm and went back again to that ‘once in a while’ kind of quality sleep.

Prateek was very excited about the Khandala. Me and Shubham were not much excited as it is only the last weekend, we had visited that place. After wasting a lot of time in watching TV, packing, nature call and all that stuff which, if done seriously, wouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, we managed to check out at 10. The day started with a feeling of hang over but that was very short lived and killed by the fresh air. Lonavala was now finalized.

It was Sunday and we saw a lot of tourists coming there. Crowd was more on Sunday as compared to last day, at least I felt so. We begun our trekking and at around 11, reached at Naka toll. There, we took a taxi and reached Neral at 12. After, we had our breakfast, we take a Local to Kajrat, from where we planned to get a train to Lonavala. It was 3 when we reached at Lonavala. Distance was very less, however, the journey was quite discontinuous and we had to wait for half an hour 2 times at railway stations.

The first thing on our Agenda was Lunch when we reached Lonavala. We went to same restaurant, we went 1 week before. It was 4 when we finished everything and the sightseeing was the only thing left on our agenda. We tried to hire an Auto but none was ready to go to Mulshi Dam or Tiger’s leap. I thought we were late. We planned to do cycling till Bhushi dam as it was not very far. But, the person at the cycle shop told us that Bhushi dam is closed for visitors after 5 everyday. We realized, in that case there is no pint in going. Prateek had a train from Mumbai at 12 and we had to leave the city at 7 at all cost.  We were quite confused what to do. There was a waterpark nearby and the people were dancing in the swimming pool. The view was partially visible. We agreed to that but half heartedly. Somebody suggested a beer. That was a good Idea but still not acceptable by all. Sipu suggested to had a Tea and had fun for the 1 hour and then we will went back. But that was also like a vague arrow in the air. He had repeated the word ‘fun’ million times in last 2 days. There is some hidden naughtiness in his version of ‘fun’. 
Finally, we decided to leave the city. Most of the day was spent at the railway station or in the journey. But the talks, conversations or Bakar was ultimate and it had to be good, after all, college friends met after a long time. We were laughing continuously. Famous Prateek jokes are challenging the Tv soap ‘Laughter challenge’ but today Prateek was in Low spirits. Perhaps, the 2nd day of the trip was not that fruitful and thus it was renamed as ‘lunch at Lonavala’. Hope, now, everybody will able to appreciate the title. 
But I had enjoyed to the fullest. The Best part is yet to come. 
We reached at railway station of Lonavala. Sipu and Rohit take a local to Pune. We 3 take an express to Mumbai. This part of journey was simply terrific. Me and prateek rested ourselves at the door with our legs hanging outside the train. The train was express and we enjoying the beautiful sightseeing. Waterfalls, hills, mountains, were simply mesmerizing. We discussed all the stuff that mattered to us at the door. That was really a good time of the day. We discussed a lot about our upcoming trip. 
We reached at 7 at Kalyan, another local station in Mumbai, caught a train to Kanjurmarg, reached Nitie at 8 pm. After having dinner, we see off Prateek. That was really a touching moment. 
Thank God for giving me such wonderful friendly frank friends. Hope the journey never ends.



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