Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday’ Magic Moments at Office

Today, I am very happy and excited about my wife’ first birthday after marriage which is very close i.e. just 10 days left for the celebration. 

In India, we stress so much on every festival or event especially when it is first time after marriage. Every other day, I used to listen something like that this is your first Holi/ Diwali/Birthday/New Year and what not after marriage. I am not ranting or anything but instead it gives me a pleasure. It gives me a feeling that this time we will celebrate the festivals in some special way with more excitement coming our way .And yes, this is true. We are newlywed; sometimes I wonder till what time, we will remain a newlywed. I believe till eternity because it is a feeling, it is a matter of feeling how excited are you. Hehehe, married people must be puzzled. 

Last week, we went to Shirdi, next week is my wife’s birthday, Next to next week, we are going to our Hometown for Holi celebrations and also first time after Marriage and next to next to next week, I am having some specials travel plans which are in progress but very much finalized and which will be a gift to my wife on her 1st birthday after marriage.

Still making plans about her first Birthday how to make it special. For now, i have planned some surprises at midnight and then the buffet in a fine dining restaurant. If anybody has some good plan, please do share.

Just sharing one of my favorite picture below. It is the first time, i am sharing her any pic on my blog. 

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