Friday, March 1, 2013

Tribute to my Grandfather - Part 2

This post is in continuation to my last post.

I caught a train from Lucknow. Its Lucknow Chandigarh, I usually prefer this train because I know how to get berth in this train without the reservation, in fact process is same in all the cases, I would rather say I know what the TT charges in this case. I was very lucky to catch this train as the time was not sufficient but still one thing we learn in colleges is rash driving. Here comes its application. In the meantime, I also enquired my brother if it was the truth what the mother said or something else. My brother confirmed and told he would leave Delhi tomorrow morning along with bua and fufaji and of course my cousins. It was a very chilly night and the rain was falling continuously  It appeared to me for a moment if there is something wrong seriously as the god was also supporting my eyes. It was of course very serious but during such times, it’s a tendency of the mind to be steered towards negative and worst repercussions. I talked to the tt, got the birth and those were the days, when I have started reading. I have said reading because Atlas shrugged was my first serious reading of the life. It also helps me in bad times. As I woke up, I had a cigarette and waited for the destination. My mind was full of what-if questions. It was heavily raining and the environment was very depressed. As I landed in Saharanpur, I got a call from my brother. They have just entered in Saharanpur at around 8am and as the arrival time of my train was also the same, on the top of it, it was raining, So they called me to know where I have reached. When I informed them, they came at station to receive me and then we all finally went directly to the hospital. I always feel a kind of shyness in company of my relatives. I don’t know whether it is natural or due to my other mental requirements. 

After we exchanged the greetings in the hospital, there was a kind of contact of eyes between me and my grandfather that dampen my eyes and spirit little. But I try to remain normal, as soon as we entered, condition of DM is getting worse and someone told me to get the Gangajal from the house of Dr. Jaipal Uncle whose house is very close. I walked in the rain to the house unaware of the whether it was tears or water, I asked for the same. This was another point where I felt little shyness. I went back to the hospital and my grandmother helped him to swallow the gangajal. In Hindu mythology, something rubbish is believed about gangajal and its effect or what so ever. I think I shouldn’t say the water rubbish but who knows is it really the gangajal. Haha…its normal in our mythology but let it be, we shouldn’t make fun of it. One must try to accept people and things and traditions as they are and not as he perceived. After spending some time, we were asked to go to home and then bring lunch after a gap of 3, 4 hours. I don’t know who went along with me, but one thing that I remember was that I left the hospital on Activa.

 The best thing is when two People love each other very much, it becomes difficult to express. This case requires no extra explanation. Beauty and love is in the eyes of beholder as said by Shakespeare, in fact I would say respected Shakespeare. The days passed like this, DM began to recover slowly, relatives left, my brother plan to left on holi. 

Holi also comes, I went to railway station to drop my brother. That holi was not the most colorless. There were Holi’s even horrible and depressing than that. Those were the days when my disagreement was at the peak against those who preaches Holi is the most colorful festival. Of course, it was a bad argument.

 Things comes and goes, life moves on. Life waits for nobody and the most mystic element i.e., time heals everything. 

Stay tuned! I will continue it further. 


Anil S M Ingle said...

Dude this is pathetic proof reading, poor choice of words, was literally confused where it’s going...left this write-up in between. Please follow correct composition, structure and grammar as guess, this is pre-draft version.
If you want to write, write with passion, you are accountable for every word you are putting here...every words must be crafted/placed beautifully... to express... so choose well my friend...short, simple, sweet and effective.
I read your previous articles, frankly speaking were much better... Sorry for being such a strong critic...I know you are good just gonna take some quality time of yours.

Happy Writing!!

--Anil Ingle

Unknown said...

Thanks for your valuable time. And i must say you have read between the lines as depicted by your comment. Just 1 quote came to my mind, no offense please

"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.” ~ Cyril Connolly

Unknown said...

Ur post recall my childhood memories of DM
I like ur post and urs feeling towards ur grandfather but it has many grammatical mistakes and errors...
Ur post also teaches me how to express our feelings those feelings which we want share but we can't share it to anyone.
In last i would like to say 'keep it up bro'.

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