Monday, August 12, 2013

2 Most Memorable gifts of my life

Memorable gifts that I still remember and will always remember:

The first gift that I remember was the slam book given to me by my brother. The weather was very bad that day and the winds were blowing very fast. We came back from school and were gossiping at upstairs. I kept asking him for a gift. Then he suddenly take me in my grandfather’s room and gave me my gift. My grandfather’s was watching some black and white movie. The memories of that moment keep flashing in my mind once in a while. That gift later came out to be of immense use. My complete family filled that book and that is how I came to know about them more and today when i read that slam book. My grandfather favorite movie was Dard. My father’s passion was horse travelling. One of the thing that my Baba wrote in my slam book was that he always wanted to be rich which makes me little uncomfortable. His last days were quite struggling due to financial and health reasons.But I think he is one of the most satisfied soul for doing so much for all of us.

The other gift was the song AYE Sanam by Abbey.

This was the song that me and my brother like very much. On my birthday, when I returned from the school, I went straight to the refrigerator to grab my glass of lemon . Mother used to prepare it every day for us. Those were the days when she was not a teacher. My brother usually came early from school as in higher classes, there were only five periods. As he came early from school, he went to get that song recorded in the same cassette we were listening in those days. When we are having our lunch, he played it. When all the songs was finished, I began to change the cassette when my brother told me to wait. Suddenly, this song started and my brother said, Happy birthday. That was one of the most memorable moment of my life.

I am deeply regretted for not including many gifts from my loved ones. They are equally good and memorable. It is just as these were the events that I want to record.

I also remember many expensive gifts but the associated feeling was missing. Sometime, we give gift just for the sake of formality without having feelings behind it. Such gifts can’t be remembered for long.
Besides, what I personally feel is that the best thing is neither take gifts nor give. But today, I find this realization of mine not accurate. When you give gift with full of feeling and love for that person, then you feel very good and with gift, you are also giving the feelings to that person. Finally, I would say it depend on the type of relation you are sharing whether to give or not.

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