Monday, August 12, 2013

The tree of life - 4/5 star

I picked this movie at the DVD shop because of 2 reasons: first, i went there to exchange the dvd which was not working fine so there were not many options and also, the title "The tree of life"was very catchy, I have never heard this term. It is only after watching the movie that i came to know that it is a standard term used in Science and philosophy. But believe me, it was one if its kind movie, at least for me and my wife.

I have never got the chance to see such an artistic creation watching which one will started viewing the Cinema as a great art. About half of the movie is silent or visual story telling is used.
In whole, this movie shows the earth from its inception to its end.

 Movie starts with the girl receving the telegram informing her of death of her son.After a very brief introduction, Movie will take you on a fantastic journey of creation of earth . One loves to watch channel like Discovery will definitely like the movie.  I like the movie because of its beautiful shots. I am a nature lover and one of the part of the movie was about the development of life on earth. It showed how the life came into existence first sea life, then plant life and so on.Trees, flowers, clouds, volcanoes, sea, clouds everything is there in the movie and shown very artistically.After that, the movie will take you directly to young couple making love with each other and gradually girl give birth to three sons. There were some breath taking moments captured of a year old boy learning to walk and other basic things of life.

Also, this movie is about the childhood memories of a man(elder brother of a dead one) and his relation with his father during those days. His father wants him to follow discipline every time but he was more of an independent kind of a person who loves experimenting and had different perception of the things than his father. As a result of which, the child becomes excessively confused and did things which are hard to understand why he did it in the movie but the more deep analysis will say that it is only because in the absence of his father, he want to be as naughty and in-disciplined as he can. He even destroys the properties of other people, go for hunting and derive a pleasure from that. But apart from it, he was very emotional and his mischievous acts will definitely make you reminisce your golden days.

In the end,parents meet with their son who was died. It was kind of another world or heaven.

One is open to his own interpretation of the movie as this has bit of open ending. I must say it is master piece and one must watch this movie to make his own judgements. I have tried my best to review this great piece of art as per as my limited understanding against this great concept.
I would strongly recommend this movie who aspires to watch something different and love the perplexing questions of life and death, life after death and so on.

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