Friday, November 22, 2013

Challenge no. 1 - 1 Week without TV

Does it sound a very big deal for you?

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Yes, I have completed it yesterday and still don’t have any plans to switch on TV soon. It is a wonderful feeling taking the challenge and completing it.

Yes, not watching a TV for even a day is kind of unbelievable for me. I and my wife many times thought of reducing our TV watching time but then, we do it for 1 or 2 days and then back to usual. But last Friday, we were determined and thus, succeeded so far in not watching TV. We have unplugged the connection, so, even sometimes, when my wife is not at home, I feel the urge to switch on but setting up a connection discourages me out of laziness. 
The biggest advantage is that I am able to sleep early and thus started starting my day early. Also, I am spending quality time with my wife and also as she sleeps early as she is a teacher and starts her day at 5 am, I am also able to get a time to do some quality reading just before bedtime. Also, without TV, I am finding my room more comfy and peaceful. Although we feel that something is missing for 1 or 2 days but after that we become habitual and didn’t find the need to connect to it.

However, my wife is complaining that now I am working more on Internet but the fact of the matter is that I am monitoring my blog more frequently but still I feel that I need to reduce the laptop time. Now, I feel that that will be the ultimate challenge to be away from the internet for a week which is anyways not possible as the nature of my work demands it. 

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Apart from having an ample time at my disposal that can be used for more constructive things, there are numerous other advantages. Go ahead and experience those advantages yourself. One can give more time to his hobbies and also interested one can cultivate new hobbies. Also, if we think from a time management point of view, we would not complain that we don’t have time in this fast paced world. Everybody has same amount of time, it is up to us how we are utilizing. Also, you will be more mindful while eating and doing other activities.
We all know that we generally watch some music channels and then some news, there is nothing good, if you are not a typical saas bahu type audience.

Take out this challenge yourself and share your experience!!

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