Monday, November 25, 2013

Jagannath Puri Temple : Replicated at Hyderabad

Yesterday evening, I visited Lord Jagannath puri temple in Hyderabad, located in Banjara hills with my wife. I have been to this temple in Orissa also during my childhood. Few years back, this temple is replicated in Hyderabad also. Although not that large but the design is same. 


Taken from entrance 1
While the main structure of temples houses the Lord Krishna along with his brother Balaram and Subhadra, it also has  small surrounding temple  of  Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva , Goddess Bhimala, Goddess Laxmi, Shri Hanuman  and Navgraha (Nine Planet Lords).

There are total 3 entrances to this temple. I have tried to capture the temple from all the 3 entrances.  Different mythological events and gods are painted on the wall of temple both inside and outside. There are more than 50 pictures and each had a story to tell. It is a good way to teach children about the various important events.I saw many people explaining their little ones about the paintings and also taking their pictures.


Entrance 2 : Taken from across the road

Entrance 3: Also showing small paintings of events of mythological importance

  We reached there at around 4:30 and came to know that it will open at 5pm. Thus, we spent half an hour outside the temple. The temples premises both inside and outside are very clean and the ambiance is also pure. I really like the time I spent in temple. Photography is not allowed inside temple but I think it was not taken seriously because there is no check on people taking camera inside and people were taking photographs freely in front of temple authorities. Initially hesitated but then I have also started taking pictures. So, I think they are referring not to take the photographs of Lord inside the main temple. The unique feature of this temple is its amazing location and cleanliness.


Anonymous said...

That's a neat review with wonderfully-done pictures.
You're right. It is a very clean place.
But somehow the magic of Puri was not replicated completely.
Yet a commendable effort.

Unknown said...

Thanks Nivedita for being here after long.

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