Sunday, December 29, 2013

Can you make money by Blogging? I can't

An honest Confession

Having a good relationship with writing, I also thought once that there is no harm in earning some money through blogging. 

After all, turning your passion into profession is the mantra of present times. 

Let me share my experience with the same:

Powered with the thought of earning money and increasing readership by bringing traffic, whenever I sit down to write, I was always a dead duck. The truth is that thinking too much about my readers diluted my thoughts completely. Not only this, I was deviating from my mainstream purpose of writing which is driving pleasure from it. 

I believe writing is not something which can be produced on whim. 

Though we (me & writing) share a good relationship, we often fight with each other like every relationship. Sometimes, when writing wants the time, I am not able to give the time due to my job/family restrictions and sometimes, when I have the mood and sit at my desk, she is not willing to strike me perhaps that is what the people calls writer’s block.

So, I believe it can be difficult to continue for long if your motivation is extrinsic. Unless you write for some intrinsic factors, your blog cannot be a hit. 

Over to you. 

How do you feel about the idea of making money by blogging?

Note: This post was inspired from some discussions going on today’ 3rd blogger meet in Hyderabad. 

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