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Day well spent : Ramoji Film city Hyderabad

+Ramoji FilmCity is situated around 50 km from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. This city has spread over an area of 1666 acre and was set up in 1996.

Different sets of Ramoji

It has everything that is required to shoot a movie from Gardens (as many as 100), railway stations, Bus stands, Airports, Villages, Highway, scenic locations, picturesque avenues, Markets area, Hospital to Church, Temple, roadside hotels and anything you can think of. Not only this, here you can find the customized sets made for the requirement.

Taken from Hawa Mahal

This is the USP of this place that filmmaker can walk with a script and walk out with a movie. It is also certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest film studio complex. (Taken from

I went to Film City along with my wife +Chhavi Aggarwal  and mother. We booked a package from one of the Hyderabad Local travel who charged 175/-head for the to and fro journey. We boarded a bus from Kothaguda and reach Film city at around 9. Then we purchased normal tickets for 700 bucks/head. There is 1 other type of ticket available special for around 1200, however, i heard from reviews that it is not worth unless you are some Nawab. As we entered, we came to know that some red colored old style open buses will give you the idea of film city for 1 hour for free of cost and then you can explore this city of your own with various buses going from 1 part to another at specified intervals without charging you anything.

We started our tour in Red bus. There was 1 guide in bus with mike who is  giving a short tour of film city. He showed us the fake London, fake hospital and how by some simple arrangements, this hospital is turned into church. There was Airport, railway station, train exactly looking like an original train. He takes us into the sets of Mahabharata, showed us the famous highway Dhaba which was used in movie Rand de basanti i, showed us the sets of Malamaal weekly movie. 

Sets of Mahabharata/Ramayana

 There was famous Mughal garden of Delhi and how it can be turned into Vrindavan Garden of Mysore by some simple moves, Japanese Garden, Sanctuary Garden, Goa House, Religious Places, Ashram, Jail/Prison, Apartment, hilltop cottage, software office,Sun Fountain, Butterfly park,Exotic statues, Golden temple of Amritsar and Hawa Mahal of Jaipur, village of Punjab and Garden where Scene from the The Dirty picture was shot. It seemed that all the famous monuments of entire India was re created at this place. 

Sanctuary Garden

Japanese garden

There's also the famous Hollywood sign displayed on the hills at the studios which we see in many of the movies. In this wonderland, one can easily sees the numerous locations and recall that this location was present in that Movie and so on. Guide told us the name of the large number of bollywood movies shot in this city and you will find yourself surprisingly saying, "that place was here."

Place where Page 3 parties and weddings are shot

Whenever you go there, you will always find shooting going on. During our time, there was 1 telegu song recorded along with the local actors. Unaware of any, we didn't find it interesting enough. 

There were also very good restaurants inside. We had our Lunch in Jain restaurant. It has buffet system for 200/-head. Food was good and rightly priced. 

Then there are few shows which adds to another dimension of this place. There is welcome ceremony and closing ceremony held everyday. Our welcome ceremony was missed, however we have watched the closing ceremony. It was amazing. Stage was set up like that in award functions in television shows and there were dance performances along with singing and drama. Seeing this will take you in a mood of watching some filmy function/party and we were used to watching such functions in TV only. There is Spirit of Ramoji show with some amazing innovative performances from Gymnastic clowns to hoop - dancing. 

We have also watched 1 action show which was also very interesting. 

Action Show going on

Then there is 1 special area dedicated for Children called Fundustan. It also has numerous things from ship Titanic, video game parlour, thrill rides to Rain dance, maze, horror show, Bhoot bangla (Ghost house)and much more. One should not miss this place.

One of the Restaurant in Film City. Seems very expensive from outside but inside one can get tea @ 5 bucks and Dosa @ 30 bucks

Overall this place is a must visit for everyone. One can spend a whole day there without getting bored, infact, it is difficult to visit all the places and shows in film city in 1 day. There were many hotels where you can stay but they are highly expensive. Also, when you are about to leave in the evening, You will see the mesmerizingly beautiful lighting. Film city becomes amazingly magnificent in the night when the lights turned on. One can feel that lightning has changed the entire aura and will be surprised to see the gardens again as compared to what they are during the day time.

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