Saturday, October 8, 2011

Corporate Atyaachaar by Abhay Nagarajan

This book was very easy and light  read but somehow under delivered what was expected from it by reading about the last page or Introduction. However, nonetheless, I would like to appreciate the Abhay Nagarajan for his debut novel. Let me share my observations and experiences about the book.

The story started with the placement time in B-schools and ends with the completion of 1 year journey of the newly recruit MBA guy. It started with very good pace and the scene of the interview was very nice as something similar had happened with me lot of times but gradually, i find it over descriptive and also there was similarity in various chapters as all the chapters consists of the meeting of the newly recruit with the clients. As presently, i am in B-school, i was able to connect myself well but in the end, i found it boring. I was expecting some more stuff like how recession effected their life and what happened when recession was in full boom but that was not covered in the novel. Scratching by the his Boss in his private parts amused you initially but its over description make you irritated.

Besides for those pursuing MBA in finance, it would be a good book and taught you something that finance is more than excel and numbers and how important is networking in this competitive era to get the new business. Also, his boss HBS (Human Ball Scratcher) was describe very autocratic and aggressive, which most of the bosses are and thus it prepare you for joining the corporate world.

This is a short book of 200 pages and will not take more than an evening. I would not say it is a must read but yes for those in B-schools, it would be a good read.

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