Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nothing Extraordinary...No need to read

Doing nothing important and in fact bored, It was my birthday last night so I just went ruminating the old days and recall my some of the last birthdays. 

2011- I went to marine Drive with my friends Keerti and Shubham in Mumbai.
2010-Last year, I was at NITIE on this day and went to Maharaja in evening to celebrate.
2009- I was with my Brother and Bhabhi and went to Dragon restaurant in Dwarka, Delhi.
2008- I was at my relative’s home in Ghaziabad (one of the rarest day when day went without consuming alcohol on birthday)
2007- I was in final year and the treat was sponsored by Prateek Jain , first time encounter to Vat 69 and 100 pipers.
2006- I was in 3rd year. I didn’t able to recall.
2005- I was in 2nd year. Went to SR bar in evening and FKD on 4th .
2004- 1st year in engineering college. I went to Moti Mahal with my friends in Lucknow. (Didn’t start drinking by that time)
2003- Not able to recall except the fact that I was in school.
Life goes on. Time passes so quickly. In just a flash of second, my whole life is in front of my eyes. We have too little time to waste and hate people. Life is short enjoy it to the fullest. Always live in present.

I am so happy today and at the same time nostalgic. We drink like anything, did the most unusual stuff, live like anything. Perhaps this is life. We discuss a lot about marriage and other useful stuff. Really love the today evening and Kareena and Karina

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