Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Discussion that does make any sense

We were having the discussion in the balcony of our room over a glass of alcohol on the occasion of completion of our exams. We love to have senseless discussions that perhaps matter to none but to us. One such discussion i would like to share with you people as well as i also wanted to remember it.  Discussion was about girls, girlfriends and all such stuff.

X: If you think closely, most of the people who went for higher studies after their engineering from our college are committed.
Y: What does that mean? Is commitment ensures good career? Y felt out of depth
X: Not exactly. But think of some names.
Y: Let us classify the people we know in our college into 2 categories, those who take admission for the sake of admission or without the availability of any other option and another one is those who cracked the exam with flying colors and went into the Best B-schools.
X: Now, consider the 2nd category. SA,Raja, SP,SS, AS,me,C M, PG,  all are in good colleges.
Y: Its great. What an analysis? But tell me one thing what about me? I am single.
He was amazed. He tried to recall some more names and they are all committed
X: But what about then when you are preparing?
Y: I was always single.

We discussed more and more and finally, i was flabbergasted by his analysis. Rest of the discussion is not suitable to write her as it can hurts the sentiments of many or fall outside the levels of decency, i have maintained for my blog.

Let me jump directly to the conclusion of our discussion.

Girlfriends bring some intrinsic motivation. More serious are the levels of relationship, earlier they began to think about their future.

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