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Trip to Pondicherry - Little France

Are Puducherry and Pondicherry  same or different ?

 This puzzle is giving me the great confusion and Google search is also not a respite. So, let me give brief introduction about it.

The union territory of Puducherry consists of 4 small unconnected districts which have preserved the French Heritage and culture:

1. Pondicherry: It is the most important and largest district and is also the capital of Puducherry Union territory. It is in Tamil Nadu state only.

2. Karaikal: It is the 2nd largest territory in Puducherry. It is also in Tamil Nadu state.

3. Yanam: This place is in Andhra Pradesh.

4. Mahe: This place is in Kerala and popularly known as Mayyazhi which means “Eyebrow of the sea.” And as it is the only district of Puducherry which lies on west coast, it is also called as “Eyebrow of the Arabian sea.”

Isn’t it great to know that Puducherry union territory has districts from 3 states of India and this have regions which lies on both: Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. I think its unique geography and history is not the only thing what sets this place apart. Its every nook and corner have stories which keeps the tourists engaged.

Pondicherry, commonly known as Pondy, which is the most important and largest district is also known by different names like“Quintessence of French Culture”, “Little France “and“The French Riviera of the East.”

This multicultural city of Pondicherry offers 3 experiences to the visitor.   

  1. ·        Auroville/MatriMandir: Read about it here and here.  
  2. ·        Sand beaches : Read here
  3. ·        French colonies/Churches &    Promenade Beach Road

And of course its French cuisine and tax free alcohol (Being a Union Territory) which goes without saying.

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