Saturday, March 8, 2014

Meet a man who is passionate about his city Pondicherry and Design your perfect itenerary

I would also like to introduce you to Mr. Joshi, owner of Vijay Arya 2 wheeler Rental service who can be instrumental in designing you itinerary. The best part is that Mr. Joshi is very passionate about his city and well versed with every nook and cranny of the city. Tell him about the duration of your stay in the city and he will design the itinerary for you in minutes. His itinerary is very detailed along with things like today is Sunday, this place will open after lunch or this will be crowded at that time and so on. He will tell you where you will get the best French breakfast in the city (Still remember we had our breakfast in Hot Breads upon guidance of Mr. Joshi and it was one of its kind)and best cafes to get the feel of French cuisine along with the budget piece of it. He will tell you about where you will get the Best filter coffee in Pondicherry, about the must visit kind of places, about the restaurants which offers a good view but bad food. He will do all of this without charging any money. He is very genuine, religious guy. He will only charge you for renting 2 wheeler. And even if you do want to rent 2 wheeler, not a problem you can directly call him at 9345 425 099 to clear your doubts and to plan your trip. He will also guide you about the 1 lane traffic system of the Pondicherry which can trouble you initially. 

He helped us a lot during our trip. 

Disclaimer: This is not any kind of advertisement but genuine effort towards helping readers in designing their itinerary.
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Indrani said...

I will take his advice when I am there next.

Unknown said...

That is really great Indrani and I am sure, you will not miss a thing...

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