Saturday, March 8, 2014

Do you need smartphone in this consumer frenzy market?

Something that is annoying me these days is that everyone is asking me to change my  mobile phone.

I don't know why. 

I am using one of the oldest mobile of Nokia and since it is working fine, I am in no mood to purchase another cell. Also, there is no reason as well as requirement that is not getting fulfilled from the available resources.

I have internet in my office and internet at my home. Most of the time, i am either at the office or at the home so why the hell I should purchase new cell just because it becomes fashion.

And also, some people became embarrassed when they are using  any basic mobile in this age of tablets and airs but even that is not the case with me.

Without a single thought or any hesitation, I charged my cell in my office at my desk. In meetings, i take out my cell and put it on the table without a single thought.

It is not like that I hate smart phones or something like that but the fact I don't need it. Also, perhaps I am smart enough not to spend on smart phones.

So, Folks please stop commenting about my basic mobile phone and do something better.


Indrani said...

I too don't have a smartphone. No end to its features and models and I find it very confusing to choose one. So I decided I will buy one when this Nokia of mine gets lost. But it seems nobody wants to have (steal) it either. Couple of times I have been returned this lost mobile of mine. :)

Unknown said...

Thats funny...

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