Friday, February 14, 2014

Auroville's Banyan Tree - Geographical Centre of Auroville Township

 Even after watching the introductory video at Auroville, people were ignoring this tree like any
other tree and its hurts me that they failed to admire its beauty, shape and size and its peculiar feature of aerial roots which means their roots are above the ground and grow from branches towards the ground and become new trunks.
Banyan tree is also known as Vatagach ,Nyagrodhah, Bargad, Vata, and in India it is also referred to as the ‘wish fulfilling’ tree. This tree has numerous health benefits.  Some of its useful parts are leaf buds, bark, latex and used in medicines. 

This very special tree, The Banyan, was chosen by the Mother to be at the heart or center of the Auroville Township, and she called the centre 'Peace’. It is also geographical centre of this place and holds a special significance in Auroville.

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Unknown said...

I remember this place is very silent and serene and perfect to connect with yourself. Photos of this big Banyan tree is no doubt splendid.

Unknown said...

Yse, like its name, it the georaphical center of the Auroville and Mother also called it as Peace

Barsha Baseda said...

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Warm Regards
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