Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Coconut Man of India - Roadside stories 1

This man selling Coconut in Mahabalipuram has lots of stories to tell and first hand experiences to share.

He was sharing his story how he saved his life in Tsunami of Dec, 2004 by climbing on 1 rock structure and stayed there for 6 hours. Though the water has returned to the sea immediately but there was fear that it can come back anytime and drove away the leftovers so he stayed there only. Due to language problem, I missed the opportunity to talk to him but somehow I get the flavour of his adventurous stories with the help of 1 other group who was also listening to him with great interest. He was sharing how his encounter with death changed his perspective towards life for better.

First time in my life, I felt the need of knowing the local language else India is such a place where English and Hindi suffices: may be my ignorance and lack of exposure but this is my experience.

We purchased 2 coconut water from him each 20 bucks. There was less Malai in one of the coconut and when my wife complained, he immediately cut another one for free. However, I do not want it for free. So, I paid him 50/- note and walked away smiling. 


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Anonymous said...

Good post! Such is life, na?

Unknown said...

Thanks Lemonandlavender for your comment and more than it for your precious time.

Yes, Perhaps life is like that only.

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