Friday, February 7, 2014

Skywatch Friday - Zest Big Beach in Pondicherry

This is my 4th  entry in Skywatch Friday and I am really delighted to be the part of this as it

gives me the opportunity to see the beautiful skies across the World as well as to showcase my


 These pictures of Sunrise are captured 2 days back at Zest/Club Mahindra private beach in


To see the beautiful Skies around the world, visit Sky Watch Friday.

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Lakshmi said...

Beautiful picture..I have stayed here as well. Love the beach

Unknown said...

Thanks Laksmi for your precious time.

Welcome to my blog !

Yes, no doubt beach here is very beautiful and clean with no commercialization at all.

Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ said...

Beautiful beach photo


Anonymous said...

That is simply lovely!

Chandan said...

Thanks Zindagi show us places that are worth a visit!!!

Would surely opt for the place...its like I cant stop myself!!!

can you suggest some good place to stay...where you can enjoy nature!!!

Indrani said...

Lovely warm moments captured so well.
Nice blog name. :)

Mary said...

A wonderful sky! These colors are gorgeous! And such a beautiful view!

Snapperoni :: Photography said...

Love the waves rolling up like that. Very nice photo and the sky is looking good too!

Unknown said...


Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.

Welcome to my blog!


Thanks dear for your regular comments on my Skywatch Friday post.

Unknown said...


Thanks a lot Sir for your kind words.

Its really great for Zindagi express to keep the interest of his readers and match their expectations. You should definitely go to that place.

This beachis 20 km from Pondicherry and also private beach of Zest -Club Mahindra property.This is really a nice place to stay which gives you ample opportunities to enjoy nature..

Check the below link to know more about property:

Unknown said...


Thanks a lot Maa'm for your precious comment. This blog name was inspired from time of my life in respected. Indian railways.

Unknown said...


Thanks a lot Mary for appreciating the pictures.


Thanks dear for your precious time.

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