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Guide to Bar and Restaurants near Powai,Mumbai

Laxmi Pure veg  : It is located in front of IIT Mumbai  main gate. I love this place very much and have been there numerous of times.  There are 3 sections here. One is bar and smoking is recently disallowed. Other two are AC and non AC food section. Rates are pretty reasonable here and food is really tasty and hygienic. At the peak hours, one can also face waiting in order to get a seat. Service is overall great.  Paneer mirch ka sa is must have. For alcoholics, variety of snacks is awesome and that too at reasonable prices. Without drinks, average cost per person is 120 bucks. An auto from NITIE will costs you around 40 bucks. Ambience in bar and food section is good.  Home delivery is also available around 3 kms not in NITIE.

Sea land Restaurant and Bar: It is located at Saki vihar road. An auto from NITIE will cost you around 15 bucks. It is majorly a bar and there is no point in going just to have food there. Rates are pretty cheap and the food is average. Service is little poor sometimes. The only problem is crowd is not good and it becomes a fish market at 7,8 in the evening and continued to be so till10. We prefer to go there around 10. It open till 1.30. Smoking is allowed. Dal tadka is a must have here and cheaper option too. Ambience is not that good here but still this place is good for those who drinks frequently. Going with the groups with girls should be avoided here.
Fuel: It is located above CCD, opposite Powai lake and inside the Jughead’s restaurant. One has to pass from the Jughead’s to enter in the fuel. Not much options are available in snacks. It is bit expensive but the happy hours provides you a relief. Happy hours are from 6 to 9. Live DJ is start at around 8 and the stuff played mostly is rap and Akon type. Before live dj starts, you can enjoy the blues and that sort of music. Songs of Pink Floyd and doors are often played here. Service is poor but the best part is complimentary Nachos. Complimentary is so good that there is no need to order any other thing. 25% vat is charged on the bills. Good place to watch cricket/soccer. Also, after having drinks and food, you can also sit at a Powai lake for some time. You only have to cross the road and sitting around the lake after getting high is in itself is a ultimate experience. 

Jughead’s: It is located above CCD, opposite Powai lake. An auto from NITIE will cost you around 30 bucks. The food type is American, continental. The food options can give you treat away from the regular eating options. Ambience is quite good, table clothes are having funny quotes and you will love to read them, the view of the Powai lake is simply breathtaking from here. Festivals like Japanese food festival, Spanish food festivals are quite common here. It is a good hangout for a group of boys and girls who don’t drink. On tariff side, it is bit expensive but acceptable. 

Maharaja: It is located in Saki Naka and the auto will cost you around 45 from NITIE. If you are looking for very peaceful ambience with instrumental music played at low pitch, this place is a must visit. Smoking is not allowed here but you can smokes in a well lit sexy garden just outside. Believe me, you will enjoy cigarette here more. Food is quite good and prices are also moderate. Service is also good. Chicken Lollypop and Tandoori chicken is a must have stuff here. The sauf/sweet that came with the bill are very nice and different. I haven’t found them in any other place.  Many times, we ended up in asking for more. Good place for a date.

Urban Tadka: It is located in Saki naka and auto will cost you around 50 bucks. I love everything about this place whether it is food, ambience(good one for drinks) or crowd. Pop English music is played generally at normal pitch. You can go there for eating food only. The ambience is not typical like bars and all. I am sure you will certainly enjoy this place. Service is also amazing. However, it is expensive. Happy hours are also there from 7 to 8.

Laughing Buddha: It is located in Saki naka and auto will cost you around 50 bucks. I will not recommend this place to anyone. The alcohol is served in the glasses of juice. Beer is served in the long thin glasses. I didn’t like the crockery here. Rest everything is hunky-dory. 

GuruKripa: It is located on saki naka road. One should avoid this place and come here only if he unable to finds seat in other nearby restaurants, a case that happens with us too. Sittinge is both indoor and outdoor. Primarily a bar.

Desijoint: It is located near Shivsagar restaurant while going to saki naka. 2 seating areas, one is the open terrace which is covered with tents due to monsoon. At terrace, music is played at the projectors if there is no cricket match scheduled. Good place. Sofas are bit different here and quite comfortable. Food, alcohol, beer mugs, everything is awesome except 1 thing that they serve popcorns in the compliments. Bit shocking but believe me you will love them. Alcohol rates are reasonable but the food specially the snacks section is expensive.  

Mahalaxmi Gardens: It is located in Saki naka and auto will cost you around 50 bucks. Very large seating area both indoor and outdoor. The USP of this place is you get the alcohol 24 hours here. It is located near some call center and at even 3am, you can see it is almost packed. Nothing extraordinary about food. Tariffs are reasonable. One should visit this place only if he wants to drink also, no point in going for food only.

Galleria: I have been here 5,6 times due to my friends but everytime, I go here, I curse myself. It is like a food court of any mall. I have tried food from almost all the restaurants here but they always disappoint me. One of the famous Kareem restaurant also serves pathetic food here. Service is very disappointing. You will have problem in getting things like onion, pickle and water. You will not going to get them unless asked for it many times. Ambience is like once you sit here, you will try to finish your food at your earliest to leave the place. The only advantage is that rates are lower as compared to most places nearby.

Utsav: It is located in Hiranandani gardens and an auto from NITIE will cost around 35. Food is simply awesome specially non vegetarian food. They have both indoor and outdoor seating area. Old instrumental is played here at low pitch. Crowd is very good here and the prices are also moderate, however little higher than Laxmi pure veg. restaurant. No Alcohol is served here and corporate discount is available (But I am not sure which companies are covered). Chicken tangri masala is quite famous here and is generally suggested by the waiters. 

Murli  Non veg: It is located on the saki naka road and auto will cost you around 20 bucks. It is on the first floor and very small place with capacity of not more than 10 people. When we first entered it, we were so shocked that we came out. We heard a lot about it. Finally, after little discussion, we entered. After we sit, we realized it’s a good place. It was also reviewed by NDTV burrp. Lot of posters by NDTV and user good reviews gave us a confidence. We ordered a food. Food was really pathetic. The charges are 100 per plate irrespective of whether you eat paratha, chapatti or rice. Chicken was prepared in Keralite fashion and nobody of us like the food. I think we were so used to Punjabi and spicy chicken that we don’t really like it. One can visit this place if he likes the chicken prepared in Keralite manner.

Sudarshan: It is a good place located at Saki naka and recommended for those whose purpose is just eating and not spending quality time. Always full of crowd, still you find a seat as the seating area is very large capable of accommodating around 150 people. Food is tasty and rates are also reasonable. I find the Bitter melon (karela) in the menu(not common) and ordered the same. It was up to my expectations. I like the place. Shakes are also very famous here. Alcohol is not served here. 

I will be back soon with  the reviews of  Mantra, Rude lounge and many more. 


kR said...

Hey.. nice account man! I personally like the new Dosa Maker at Galleria ground floor - value for money! Hoping to see Maddu mess, Rude and Mantra later. And try out 2 more Mallu hotels: Nityananda, near Saki Naka junction, and Elite, near Hiranandani Hospital.

Unknown said...

Thanks KR.

Hmm...Nityananda and Elite are already on my list.
Mantra i have already covered. ABout Rude, i heard it is expensive so waiting to catch someone for a party.

Yash said...

Ok, I am not sure who wrote this reviews ( Good job btw) , but when it comes to NITIE, how can you leave out SKB, Madhuri and Rude!

Unknown said...

Thanks Yash.

I haven't been to Rude yet and about Madhuri, we all know, its a substitute of mess and SKB, i didn't get. Please expand.

Is it Shree krishna, just outside?

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