Monday, August 1, 2011

Life tight hai tension nahi hai.....

‘TIGHT’. This word holds a special significance in the life of IET students. IET Lucknow, where most of the students are from Uttar Pradesh, is one of the best college in the Uttar Pradesh and has its own copyrighted language inspired from Kanpur and lucknow. 

The usage of this word is not less than the word Fuck and similarly, it is used everywhere.
  1. After the exams, if you asked somebody, how was the paper?Most often, the reply is ‘Tight tha’ which means exam was tough and if the reply is ‘Tight hua’ then it means you have escape from the pressures of Back paper which are very mild although I had never experienced this situation due to the generosity of my friends and teachers.
  2. ‘Tight hoo,’ that means I am heavily drunk right now. ‘Tight hai kya,’ another way of asking if you are drunk.
  3. After ragging, seniors people instructed juniors to remain tight. That means ‘tension free and bindaas.’
  4. In a mess on Wednesday, everybody says, ‘Tight bana tha ’ which means food was simply awesome.
  5. If you ask anybody for a money which is very often, the reply of the person is like ’yar, mamla  tight chal raha hai’ which means your source is also facing the bankruptcy these days.
  6. In any other context, this word simply means 5/5.
Every IETian was in love with this word. We had used this word everyday and in every situation except 1, we never said any girl, ‘tight lag rahi hai.’ For girls, we never get bored of words like ‘maal’ which is like the universal word followed everywhere and ‘tota’ which is not so common. I don’t like this word ‘tota’ personally and had never used this word and never will however, IETians were in love with it also. 

BHOKALI was one such word that is also used very often.
  1. ‘Bhokali lag raha hai’ means you are looking like hunk.
  2. ‘Bhokali ban raha hai’ means you are trying to be hunk or too much involved in all the activities of college like politicians and showing  neta-panti, neta-giri.
  3. ‘Bhokal macha rakha hai, Bhokal tight kar rakha hai,Bhokal kat rakha hai aajkal’ means you have created mayhem in the college, you are enjoying the life fully without caring anything, no classes, all rules are taken for granted and you are too much in neta-giri/neta-panti
Another word coming to my mind is ‘Londe’ that simply means dude. This word was also common and actually the motivation for writing this post comes due to this word. Today, at wall of one of IET friend, I saw all the IETians wishing him the birthday like Happy Birthday Londe, janamdin Mubarak londe. There was something common among all the IEtians. 

‘Chull’  was another word which I guess came from Kanpur. This word was also very common during our times and there were 3 people from Kanpur(Kanpuriyas) who were nick named as Chull brothers. 

Anni, Tang ja, seema, choosega,Taapna are some other quick words which were always on everybody’s lips. 

Our First Love, IET
 Please note that title is inspired from the movie, Pyar Ka panchnama.


Sudhir said...

'Taapana' bhi add kar....CT me yehi skill pass karaati thi

Unknown said...

Hahaha..done that dude.

Anil P said...

Aha, college lingo, always interesting.

'Tight' reminds me of Goa where the word is among the most commonly used to refer or ask if one is drunk. In Konkani it would be "Tight re?" "Tho tight asa".

Unknown said...

Thanks Anil for your comment. I wasn't aware that tight is too popular in other places also.

BTW, Welcome to the blog!!!

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