Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Caught up in the hustle bustle of our daily life, we sometimes encounter things that have the power to stop us, make us thing about them. Are they from this world? Are they real or Is it only illusion?

I am talking about the supernatural’s tales that we have heard from our grandfathers, tales which are been passing from generation to generations. 

Do you feel scary? Have you ever encountered such thing? If not, Do you want it to happen with you?

These things really interest me so much. Such things never happened to me but many of my acquaintances encountered them. When my families discuss such things at home in childhood, I really become interested but my mother didn’t allowed me to listen to elders and send me to my room. It is because after listening to such stories, I used to wake my mother at night whenever I need to go to restroom. 

Let me share an incident with you that happened in my engineering college.
In my engineering hostel, People used to call the souls. Don’t get scary but tighten the seat belt to feel the turbulent. I never believe them until one good day they ask me to join them. Curious and hungry for new experiences, I joined them. We closed the door, light a candle. We were 5 people. One of us took a register and take out the blank paper from it. He wrote all the alphabets, digits on it and make a round place of the size of 1rupee coin and two similar size holes both its sides and wrote ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ there. Then one of the experienced one asked all of us to place the tip of the finger on the coin and then to concentrate. He told that we all should concentrate and listen to him. We must ensure that our mind does not diverts into anything else the process will fail.
Getting scary to pen at this hour,3.30am. I think it should be better to write during day time. C’mon, be a man. My heart is pounding and stomach is inside out.
The experienced one begun to recite few lines repetitively and after every few trials, he asked a question from a coin. For 5,6 minutes, nothing happened. Excitement lessened. Suddenly, the coin moved to the place where ‘YES’ was written.
The Mantra, he was reciting, “Agar koi achi aatma yahan se gujar rahi hai to is sikke mein aajaye(If any holy spirit is passing from here, please come into this box)” and after repeating it for few times, he looked at the coin and asked, “Have you come?” Just now, I closed my eyes to remember his Mantra and believe me, I begun to feel scary again. I was sitting in my balcony at my hostel and it was raining heavily. Dark places, isolated areas amidst the natural greenery is the abode for them. It was equally scary as interesting. Let us not distract. Ohh shit, as I talk about it, I began to heard voices, voices of some objects falling. What is this now, Have dogs also starts barking or Is it illusion?

I really believe on supernatural’s and I also believe that souls never want do bad to anybody. Conditions applied. There are lot of things that cannot be explain and things we can’t even dream of. 

Sometimes, I think that I also want to see the spooky white figure in the dark as we generally saw in horror movies or heard about them but then I feel that it is because of benefit of me that such figures didn’t gave their appearance to us. Otherwise, I believe they live everywhere. I mean souls. 

When the coin moved to ‘YES’, we all look into each other. Suddenly , the dog started barking. ­­­We asked its name, his place, his sex. The soul was giving the answer by moving the coin to alphabets. We each have one finger tip on the coin. Believe me, nobody was moving the coin, it was all by soul. By touching the coin, we made scene less scary else if we saw the coin moving by itself, might the story ended with Heart attacks. 

We asked many questions from the soul like we ask from an astrologist. Soul was just reading our minds. Whatever answer I thought in my mind, coin begun to move to same direction. After asking lot of questions, we ask the soul to go. We asked the coin, if you are still here. The coin moved to ‘NO’. This was very scary. Only one thought amidst the mind of all, What if the soul didn’t go? But after all, while reciting Mantra, we only asked for a good soul and if it is a good soul, so there was no reason to worry. We tried again and ask the question, coin didn’t move. We switch on the light and breathe a sigh of relief. Experienced one disposes a coin and a paper and asked us to relax. We asked hundreds of questions and soul answers all of them. Believe me, it is really true. The soul just reads the mind. If you ask, what I would be after 10 years and in your mind, you think prime minister, then the coin simply moves to p, then r, i and so on.
Time to move in the room and get a sleep after reciting Gayatri Mantra. 

Note: if you ever find yourself scary or find something invisible or shady soul, demon around you in a dark while you are exploring some place or on the Holidays, always light a matchstick. As I have talked to people in villages and hill stations (due to my background) which are known/believed to be cursed with demons, lots of suffering and pains, I came to know that we must carry matchbox with us in a dark as lighting simply dissipates the unknown. 

There are more horror stories of my life which I share with you soon.
Let me close this topic now as while writing  I was indulged so deeply  in these thoughts that strange voices began to appear in my mind.  

Other 4 were Gagan deep sisodia, Sachin Devra, Ashish Sharma, Manas Grover.


manasgrover said...

That was one hell of an Experience Rachit. Remember We did the same once in Sipu and Dhingra's room and there fan started moving.

Unknown said...

I vividly remember this life time experience. I think this subject require more research as not may people seemed to believe it.

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