Friday, August 26, 2011

Unknown Realtion with Unknowns

Never take anybody for granted

How many times it happened with us that the person on the other side of the table knows us well  but we take him for granted and didn’t even bothered to know him. Yesterday, when I went to the Laundry to give my clothes for washing, the Laundry person said, ”Sir, I am thinking about you. It is so long this time. Have you started washing yourself?” It felt nice that he remembers you. 

Similarly, the security guards at the college gate know so much about our schedule and we aren’t even worried to give them a smile. From time to time, they keep asking, “where is your room partner?” When I was not with my room partner. Sometimes, they said, “You are not going for your morning tea these days.” Isn’t it  nice?

6 months back, I went to Green Hut in Gurgaon near TCS which once was our regular hang out place when I used to work in TCS. Manager came to greet me and then after occupying my favorite seat, waiter came and said, “Sir, Afghani lana hai kya?” He was referring to the Afghani chicken which was my favorite.  I was very much moved. 

Let me tell you the incidence in the mess. The worker there never put the curd in my plate. I wondered. Once I asked him, “Why you are not giving me the curd?” He replied, “Sir, you generally don’t take the curd. If you say so, let me put it.” I said, “NO, not required.” It was equally shocking and pleasurable that he remembers your preferences in a mess where more than 400 students take a lunch/dinner.

It is really nice when your hair dresser already knows what type of hair cut do you want and the waiter knows that you love more garlic in every starter and tea wala knows that you love the strong tea with ginger. These are some of the small beautiful incidences which if you give the thought, they are worth thinking otherwise they are meaningless. Sometimes, I feel even giving them a smile or asking them a simple question like, “how are you” would be enough. These peoples are taking care of us and how selfish it is from our side that we took them for granted. These are just few incidences otherwise it happened with all of us in our daily lives but we are never bothered. 

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