Friday, August 5, 2011

Most useless thought that never fail to occur in my mind

IMPROVING MY SCHEDULE and keeping it in accordance with the healthy habits is one such thought that is coming into my mind from last 6 years but I never able to do it. 
It is because of my love for night out. 
I remember during job times, I keep awake till wee hours whenever I get the chance. 
It was one of those days when I was out of spirits. We woke up at 3 pm (me and my room partner) and went out for a lunch. We slept at 5am in the morning. Again, our discussion went towards schedule. We were trying so hard to change our schedule in accordance with the world but never succeeded for keeping it  more than 2,3 days  in continuity. The loss is immense from classes to health. And the gains are quality time at the night. Going for breakfast out at 5 am is in itself a nice experience. Roaming at night time is one thing I never bored in my life even after practicing it for many years.
My desk at balcony of my hostel room at around 6 am.
The pleasure derived from the spending the time at night in watching movies, roaming, chatting is much more than the combined gains of health and attending classes, at least presently I feel so. Listening to music at late in the night has its own charm.  Introspecting, writing, reading all has its fun and you enjoy these things more at night. Few days back, somebody told me that A. R. Rehman compose all his music late in the night. I haven’t still check the credibility of the statement but this came as a boost to my life at night. 
But the problem is that when you wake late in the afternoon  next day after the night out, you remain in dampen spirits and low energy levels for some time. Most often, your mood also remain bad during the day time. You will restore your spirits and energy levels and moods at night which continue till next day morning. 

I don’t know what is right and what is not. I am simply doing what I am enjoying most  and perhaps this is the only time of my life left when I can enjoy night outs. Once entered into job, night life will suffer.

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