Monday, September 5, 2011

Lessons from the Organization Behaviour-2

Types of Conflict.Courtesy: Google Images

I was reading a particular chapter about the conflicts. It was really very enlightening and general. I was well connected. Chapter classifies the conflicts into 3 types.

  • Approach-Approach Conflict occurs when we have the choices between 2 positive goals like whether to go for higher studies or continue the job and many others like selecting the best profession for you. This one is easy to resolve.

  • Avoidance-Avoidance Conflict occurs when we have choice between 2 negative goals like we should study for exam else we will fail. Such goals are also common. such situation results in inconsistency between what we do and think .Generally people procrastinates in such situations. Day dreaming is the most common way outcome. Also, some people starts imagining the better world for them and drifts away to the childhood memories. This was well observed. Even in times of stress, i look towards my childhood days. Never knew, psychology is so deep. Such conflicts are like "caught between devil and deep sea."

  • Approach-Avoidance Conflict occurs when you are attracted towards the goal which is also repellant. Such conflicts are the most difficult to resolve and led to frustration.We approach the object till the time positive valence exceeds the negative valence and start repelling once the negative weight exceeds the positive one. Example was not given but i think the relations are the best example of it particularly love and friendship relations. How many times it happened with us that we approach the girl, then stop, then begun again and so on.

As i started reading psychology more and more, i found it is closely related to everything and also, my way of looking at things changed. I started looking psychologically at things. At times of crisis or your relations not going well or other issues, i tries to have more psychologically reasoning and stop blaming the other peoples like what happens in the past. Besides, i found some degree of relation between the spirituality and psychology which i will try to unleash some other day.

One of the another conflict that came into my mind is related to smoking. Smoking gives us pleasure which is positive goal while it has adverse effects on out health, which is a negative goal. This is a conflict hard to categorize in above categories. But, upon thinking more, it falls under category1 choosing between pleasure and good health, both are positive goals, another way of looking at it.

I think my blog has started reflecting that i am going from one of the bad phase but never avoiding i.e., exams time.And Don't worry friends if you are thinking that i am studying too much for the exam. You know my mark-sheets had never been of the types that people look at to find a reason and motivation to study in fact they prefer them when they want confidence.

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