Thursday, September 8, 2011

Exams time

Exams time. We have our exams starting from tomorrow. Once again, the mood changed to contemplating mood which is expert in using bad logic to find excuses for the things you avoid. I didn't slept for whole night and its 6.30 am and i am waiting for the food to be served in the mess. Its not like that i was studying but yeah definitely i tried my level best to study. I have never been a hard working student. My mark-sheets and many other things(for those who are not convinced with mark sheets) i have as a proof. Believe me, my results had never been of the types that people look at to find a reason and motivation to study. Sorry for distraction, i was saying i was never a laborious student but this MBA had sent me to the new heights of inactivity. Few days back in class(which i used to go occasionally, wait, i also have reasons for that to which I'll come back later), I realized how hard it had become for me to sit on the chair. My lower back started paining. I shared a concern with my room partner who said i had become habitual of lying in the bed and watching movies, surfing and all the useless stuff. May be he was right as he is also the victim though as not serious as me. 

Just now, one of the wing mate came and asked from my roomie, "Kitna ho gaya?" He never asked me this question because he knew my answer and also such questions irritates me so much that sometimes, i start lecturing. But secretly, i believe that he came to get confidence. Whenever he saw me watching movie, sleeping or doing something except study, he got his motivation. Although this aspect of getting motivation is not covered by our faculty but research is still going on this topic. May be i can contribute something someday.

Regarding attendance, i think, what will attendance give you ? few extra marks and what these extra marks will give you? I thought but no answer came to my mind. Perhaps, they will give a better job which in turn generate more money but wh0 guarantees more happiness  with more money.

Its 7 and i think i should go the mess and thereafter sleep. sometimes, i think that when most of my batch mates have involved themselves in value adding activities like case studies, certifications and quizzes and many more which i don't remember and here i am, don't have anything constructive  to do,  writing another piece of s*** and busy in makeover of my blog. 

One good thing these days is i used to call my mother everyday in the morning to say, "good morning" before getting to bed. She is well aware of my habits of waking in the noon. So, she feel proud and think that i have changed my habits and started waking early for the exam. Hehehe.

Input are of course some songs of pink floyd and the scene of watching everybody preparing hard for exams.
Previously, i have used the title "Playing with exams" but i changed this due to fear, fear of getting f***** up in the exam.


saurabh singh said...

nice piece yet again.. rachit bhai.. :) poignant monologues of urs portray the truth in the ever changing psychological dimensions.. exams are indeed a fun and tension filled time alike for most of us..
no classes to attend :)

moms are so innocent but i tell you what.. u cant hide much from her .. :)she will know or she already knows :)

rahul kumar said...

Gudd Rachit depicted time table and psychology of student in exams time very well...keep it up...:):)

RAM said...

Rachit its nice to read have expressed so clearly and that too with humor.
What ever you say at least you have developed good writing skills and that's a gr8 achievement.Carry on

Sumit Guha said...

dude you are not the only one in this race :P

yash said...

its gud to see u once again..
Life is full of surprises and and serendipity. Being open to unexpected turns in the road is an important part of success. If you try to plan every step, you may miss those wonderful twists and turns. Just find your next adventure-do it well, enjoy it.
its nice dude..

Unknown said...

Thank you Saurabh, Rahul, Ram , Sumit and thakur for your valuable feedback.

I would also like to thank others who give their feedback and comments on facebook or personally.

One of the comment, I got by Sunny Tonk is "Don't be too personnel and honest in your blogs." I will take care and will refrain from playing the "Wearing the inside out" song of pink floyd while writing.

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