Friday, September 30, 2011

Book Give Away

“Book Giveaway” is a recurring process in which I would like to give away the books that loiter in my cupboard. Many of them my favourite but yes! I cannot forget what Chanda Di said “I am giving away a part of me to you. Hope I live with you forever. I do not want our meeting to end here.”
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I came to know about this few days back but honestly speaking, I was little skeptical to give my books to strangers and even when I give it to my friends, I make sure that they would return them as I like the smell of the books, I love to decorate my room with them. I really hate those people who take the book but never read it and then return it after few days. 

Today, I received a book, Self Reliance by the above Blogger who recently started practicing this activity. I was so overwhelmed by it that I am also planning to start this activity in near future. Books are really the best gift but when you give it to somebody and they don’t read it, it hurts. So, I completed this book as early as I can(By analogy of “ Frankness invites frankness”) but this is very insightful and philosophical and I think I need another careful  read to comprehend its meaning in deeper sense. Presently, this book leaves me sort of unsatisfied. Its a thin book just 70 pages long with 2 essays. I think re read will satiate me.  I will be back soon with the review of this book. 

Thanks once again for the book. I really felt gratified. I am also planning for the same. 

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