Saturday, September 3, 2011

Watch these movies and Relive your childhood

4.30 am and I just completed 3 below movies in series. One of the best ever utilization of Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed all these movies and relive my school days through them. These are, I think, are the best movies of 2011 produced artistically along with the strong message with them. All 3 have wooed the viewers of all the class and ages and depicts the plight of underprivileged kid. Also, the music is also very good. Some of the songs of Chillar party are sung by Mohit Chauhan and must for every music lover. One thing common among all of them is that they all the children are shown with high levels of EQ. I really feel myself connected.  In all of them, we have a lot to learn from the children. Must watch for everyone.

  • I am Kalam is a very light movie. You don’t need to exert your mind at all. Just play and sit and lost. Shot in Beautiful deserted landscapes of Rajasthan, it is  a story about the child who wants to learn, study and want to go to school but  had no resources. He works in a restaurant and how with the help of customers, he learn. Child with high EQ and IQ.   
  • Stanley Ka Dabba is about the child labors. This movie make me embarrassed when I remember about the stanleys at every corner, dhaba of our country. I love the way the Stanley speaks lie about him to hide his truth. He never wants the sympathy. He really had high EQ and was very strong motivated child.   
  • Chiller Party  is all about the power of children i.e.  How they help each other, their compassion and innocence. It is also must watch. Lesson is that they should not be taken for granted. Love the nick names of the children which went like jhangiya(underwear because he never wear underwear), second hand (because his mother always give him the trousers of his elder brother), silencer(never speaks) and so on. 
It Seems weekend is already completed. 
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