Monday, September 19, 2011

Communion with Nature at Zenith falls in Khapoli

After spending a day at Sanjay Gandhi National park after our exams which was a dead duck, I felt hungry and unsatisfied for travelling more . Sanjay Gandhi national part was very beautiful but most of it is closed and one requires special permissions to visit its core part. I didn’t like it much personally because the purpose of this park is perhaps not aligned with my expectations. Kanheri caves in park was okay but was very similar to Elephanta caves, even the Landscapes were similar. We didn’t found anything new. From the top of the caves, one can have a view of the entire Mumbai which provided some relief.

Finally, we plan for the zenith falls at Khapoli next day. One of my friends have recommended me this place. There was no information available on the internet about this place. Neither, I found any blog. Even at most terrific and exhaustive travelling sites which provide good information about every other small place contain little information about this place. I became curious and decided to visit this place. Next day, we hit the road at 9 am. Khapoli is the last station on the Central line that starts from CST. At around 12, we reached Karjat. By now, the journey in locals starts giving pleasure.

From Karjat, I decided to travel the rest of the journey on the door, my favorite place in the trains. As I was watching the mesmerizing landscapes, Glimpses of the movie  “Into the wild” and excerpts of essays on Nature by Ruskin bond Kept coming to my mind. Nature was at its best. I felt myself so ignorant felt like another brick in the wall. I begun to thought that no one can write about the nature unless he feel it and Ruskin Bond, as we all know lives in Mussoorie(Uttar Pradesh) near Landor and his room was amidst the most beautiful picturesque of the Queen of the hills. He described the view from his window in the book “Notes from a small room.” Mussoorie is really very nice place. I remember how every year during my childhood, I used to spend 1 month in Mussoorie. It is just 90 km from my home.

It was a bright sunny morning in Mumbai and I really crib in the morning for the weather being so hot. Now, I thought how badly we treat the nature and environment and this is the reason, we heard about the fury of nature from time to time. Nature can teach you a lesson even in seconds. Standing at the door of the train with your head out was blowing away the cobwebs. Wind along with dust constantly splashing on your face but you didn't mind, eyes remain semi open and your hair moves like you have been given 440watt current. 

After Half an hour, we reached Khapoli. We took an auto to Zenith falls. It was very near and one can go by walk but I was in a hurry. 
We begun our 1km track from here towards the waterfall

Auto person dropped us near the falls form where the 1Km track was going to start. By now, I realized 1 thing it is not at all a tourist spot. No commercialization, No tourists which again gives a good feeling. I was feasting my eyes on the Mountains and numerous waterfalls. 

On our way to Zenith Falls

At Zenith Waterfall
The route to Zenith was very dense. We felt even closer to nature. While trekking, I watched a person drinking the beer sitting topless with brush in his hand and doing some paintings. This is not my area of interest. Yet, I was very much pleased by site. I thought to talk to him but didn’t as I was left far behind by my group. Movement of his body and hand while painting made me feel  that he was working on something critical or on his new masterpiece. He was with his girlfriend who was trying to bath and playing with water. She seemed to be enjoying at her own. I felt intense longing for this site for a moment. Nature is the biggest inspiration for all of us.

Zenith Waterfall
 At waterfall, I  was flabbergasted by its beauty. There was group of local people taking bath over there. First, I felt good that there is not much crowd and no commercialization but gradually I saw them drinking in open and behaving in a manner one shouldn’t supposed to be at the public places. Drinking openly, breaking the bottles on the ground. Now, I felt that this place is not at all controlled. Since there was no commercialization, so there was no police. We took a bath for around 1.5 hr. There was 1 group of that 20 local people and 2,3 couples looking passionate with their DSLR camera but they didn’t took bath.

Nature at its Fury
At 3 we came out, we were feeling refreshed. Nature has taken away all our tiredness and negative energy. Our train was at 4.15, we had lunch and went to railway station. When we board the train, I observed one of the most beautiful site in the world. It was a smile on the face of the children when they were successful in getting window seat in the train. Yes, I also prefer window seats as for me, they are the windows to my inner self and not of the world.  It was 7pm when we reached CST. It was one of the longest track of Locals and more than 100kms long. At CST, we roamed around colaba, gateway, got drunk and then spent some time at Marine drive. At 3 am, we reached our hostel. Overall, it was fruitful day, relished to its maximum. In the process, I also discovered 2 ultimate restaurants over there. One was Bagdadi adjacent to Bademiyaan, very muck like Kareem at Delhi and Tunde at Lucknow and the other one is Gokul in front of the Bademiyaan. Rates were reasonable over there without compromising over the ambiance and quality. 


Mishilicious Mishi said...

My God the place is Mesmarizingly beautiful!!
and one should give you the credit for awesome photography too...

Thankz for dropping by my Space..em honored really..and thankz for those comments have a nice page..I will dig it some more some day:-)

Anonymous said...

Jealous :X


But nice photos ! :) Love Ruskin bond

and u lived near mussorie as a kid?

Damn! -- i HATE U :P

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