Sunday, May 22, 2011

An evening full of Boredom

Writing is talking to yourself in a more better way and to record the state of thoughts of that instant. It always give me a high. Whenever I have nothing to do like this moment, I often became very nostalgic. Writing is one such thing that always keep me energized. But from last few days, I was feeling an intense impulse to visit my home place. It is very important to refurbish the fading zeal. As my mind is not focused, it affect me in every possible way. My mood was not very good from last few days. Songs like, “Coffee house “ by Manna de are constantly played in my laptop in repeat mode. This song is really masterpiece. Although I didn’t understand a single word of this song as it is in Bengali, still I enjoy listening the very bit of it. It somehow makes me more nostalgic. 

TVS Apache RTR 160, Dwarka sec-22, Delhi

I have not drive my bike, TVS Apache RTR from a long time. It was standing at my home without anybody using it accept the cat to sit on it. I have crossed 25,000 km in just 1.5 years in Delhi. I used to cover 100 Km ever day from Dwarka, Delhi to Noida and back. People says how you are able to drive so much in a heavy traffic. It is because of my love for biking that i didn't fail any pain. I take 1 break while going to office in the Aurangzeb road. It was such a soothing place where i get a chance to see the latest cars and best of the bungalows. This road has the most expensive land in Delhi.

Me Biking in Dwarka, Delhi.
This is another picture of mine taken by me only while returning from the night shift.

I have forgot the taste of the food prepared by mother. How can one forget the taste of food prepared by his mother? Little strange.
Just now, I looked at some of the pictures of my family. It was so refreshing.

I am waiting for the 4' June very desperately to meet my family members and 1 new member, my niece added a month before in our family.


Shubham Jain said...

Pictures are nice and explaining your longing in a better way.

Unknown said...

very touching

Unknown said...

Thanks Shubham and Chhavi

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