Saturday, May 28, 2011

An owl and mother

9:45 pm

I am sitting on top of the terrace. It is a very small area. I was thinking from the last many days to bring my laptop here but  found difficult to overcome the laziness. Also, reaching top is bit difficult, there are no staircases. One has to climb the water tap and perform some other easier stunts to reach there. Today, as only 8 days are left, I packed my laptop in bag, overcome my laziness and climbed the water tank to reach the top. It was a quite nice peaceful place. Howrah Bridge is about 9, 10 km from here but it was visible from here. I am peeping into the windows of neighbors from here. One girl is looking at me and perhaps she is laughing. Perhaps, I am looking crazy here sitting at the terrace at 10pm with my laptop. Nearby houses are not build to this height. So, I was feeling a top of the world.

Fresh cool breeze is the best thing to cure the tiring day. Now, I have decided to come here every day for next week . Writing at such an place is an lifetime experience.
The girl, I just talked about is coming again and again near to her window. I have also played the song “You are beautiful” by James blunt.
The only thing that is worrying me is the hooting of an owl sitting on the top of the house which is on the other side of the road. Everybody is quite aware about the hooting of this owl. Some people even said, it is living here from decades. When I was new here,  hooting appeared to me very scary but gradually I learned to ignore it. But ,now it was pretty hard to ignore. Also, it is very scary. Thought from the movie grudge and other horror movies are coming to my mind. I just search on the net what the hooting signifies. Man, it drives me crazy, so many horrible extreme interpretations. Let us ignore the negative one and just remember about the positive interpretations. The sound is really scary. Let us not talk about an owls. Just like us, they are also the beautiful ugly creation of the god.
Now, I am listening to the real stuff, Bruteforce –‘opportunity denied slaughter the corrupt’, what a lyrics.  I am alone again without you. ….. Leave all, just pink Floyd now…
Coming back to life……..with this I am closing my eyes……..

My mother called me out of her daily routine. We talked and when I told her about owl hooting, she strictly told me to go back to room. She was scared. I moved to my room and forgot my cell over there and began watching TV in dining room.


After an hour, when I came to my room, I saw 12 miss calls from the my home. It’s my mother no. and I have saved it by the name of ‘my home’. I immediately call back, I was very nervous. MY mother asked if I am alright. She was very worried as I had told her about an owl thing. I said I am perfectly alright. Seeing 12 miss calls from my mother no. had taken a breath out of me. Such are the mothers and such horrible are the interpretation of owls. Caring and crazy.
Blessed to have such a mother.

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