Sunday, May 22, 2011

Advertisements: i grew watching

Advertisements are always closer to my heart specially emotional and humorous one. Let me compile some of my favorites one. 

Dhara Refined Vegetable oil
This ad was so emotional. I remember, at times, I used to threatened my mother if she don’t make the maggi, I will also leave the home. Also, this makes me addicted of Jalebi.

Bajaj Sunny scooty
It was a beautiful ad specially the music. During my childhood days, I was so crazy about it that while going to school every day, I used to count the no. of sunny that I had watched that day. It really suits the girl. But with time, it vanished.


Hamara Bajaj
Scooters. Nice emotional ad and music is so beautiful that it is even fresh today. It was a stunning success for Bajaj.

Cadbury Dairy milk
One of the finest music ever and romantic too. It has something for everybody.

Cadbury - perk

Preity is looking so young. She must be in her teen as I was in a single digit. The guy was the one pictured in Jagjeet song called Tere aane ki jab khabar mehki in album Saher.

Liril commercial

This ad was associated with childhood fantasies. Bikini without vulgarity. Nice creation. This ad is as old as 1985- year i was born.

Gold Spot
One of the famous indian soft drink which was also purchased by coke. I remember the Meine pyar kiya song"Kabutar ja ja ja" with Gold spot as this drink was quite popular then and  also  was shown in the song.

Ajanta clock

 Chal meri luna

This as was very emotional and aimed directly at Indian customer. However with time, things changes and you are very lucky if you spot a Luna in a town.

Ayesha takia and shahid kapoor in their childhood.


Unknown said...

very nice...old memories refreshed

Unknown said...

Thanks Chhavi for your precious time.

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