Monday, May 16, 2011

Flight Experience - Mumbai to Kolkata

At around 8 pm, I boarded a flight to kolkata from mumbai. There was lot of expectations, anticipations about the commencement of the second life in corporate world. I remained nostalgic whole of the day. 

I always thought of writing while travelling. Now, I am writing in flight, 2nd time while travelling, first time being in the  bus from mumbai to pune. I think writing is the best thing that one can do while travelling, music changed from best to next to best. It was so much fun. Laptop, window seat as well as the one at the most rear end, nobody in my row to peep into my screen. 

Air hostesses  are very beautiful. One of them has a very beautiful smile. Initially, I stared at her for a while. But after she instructed to me to switch on the light if I want to read while take off as the lights would be turn down, I stopped staring at her. I always want a girl that can bring a smile on my face every time I look at her. I want a very bubbly, happy girl. Usually, I am not in a good mood and my frequency of feeling low was huge. So, someone who can put me at a ease or a face that can vanish all my sorrows would be a nice match. Just now, Air hostess asked me if I want something for snacks. I removed a my head phone and with a big smile on my face politely said thank you. Smile is the very beautiful thing. Some people told me that even I have a smiling face and look better while smiling. So, another beautiful smile would be a perfect match.  

Flight journey had always been and will always be the only nightmare that I like. I feel the wetness on my forehead and on my palms every time, It takes off. But today, I am travelling in jet lite flight and that horrifying situation lasts for very little. I think for 10,20 second. There can be the 2 reasons for that I think. One is may be as I traveling more with flight, my fear was evading or may be previously I travelled only in spice jet which is known for his poor craft condition and it’s the cheapest one in india. Another thing that just came to my mind is that this team I have been seated on the last seat. Every other time, I travelled, I paid 100 bucks extra and choose from  the seat which are closest to cock pit. 3A was the seat I travelled every time on, whenever using flight. This time there was no option of selecting seats. I always thought that if you sit in front that there will be less disturbance as generally happened with us when we travel on mountains. The person sitting on the front along with driver remain excited for the journey while others on the back vomits, close their eyes many time and many other stuff. But this was not the case with the flight. 

In the end, most of the seats are empty and that’s the best thing. I never feel so free and independent in the flight as this time. Beginning of the endeavor was very good, hope the path which lay ahead would also be great. 

 I am very excited for tomorrow. When it was getting difficult for me to get the summer project, I thought whichever company I would work for, I would deliver up to my capacity. I will add many more new and exciting chapters in my life this time. Eden garden is anything thing that was making me excited. One more thing, before 2 years, I had met a bengali Bikram and he made me listen to the song coffee house by manna day. I liked that song so much that although didn’t understand the language but the music and sound was quite nostalgic and there will always be a market for nostalgia. I always thought of visiting this place if  I visit kolkata sometime. I am thinking of coffee house. I am imagining myself sitting there with a coffee and listening to that song there. Let’s see what happen. Also, there are few very good friends in kolkata and I am quite desperate to meet them. 

Few months back, I was discussing with my mother about the summer internship process. She said delhi would be good. I replied that it is for just 2 months, so it would be good if I get to visit some new place like kolkata. Hyderabad was also there in my mind then but I spelt only kolkata. It was believed in hindu mythology that  of all things you speak in the day, 1 of them gets true because goddess sarasvati resides on your lips everyday for a moment. May be something like that happen to me. When I informed my mother about kolkata, she at once said these words to me. 

Same air hostess is coming again and I was looking to and fro in my screen and on her lips. She is really very beautiful. 

I would reach around 11pm and thereafter I have to coordinate with the hostel representative who will take care of my accommodation in kolkata for 2 months. The place where I was asked to report was quite far from the airport. Let hope everything would be fine and I would get taxi.  Memories of the time when I went to trivandrum for my training in tcs are keep coming in mind. Just now air hostess passed again and it stopped my breath for a moment. 

 Let me take some rest and listen to music for some time and concentrate on her. She is more fair than the girl in the fair and lovely advertisement. She has one dark spot on her neck which was visible as she had rolled her hair to make a style as the air hostesses are generally supposed to be. 

 Hoping for a new beginning tomorrow. Happy reading.


Unknown said...

Chichorasthan ke hum hai chowdary.

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