Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why it took so long to publish the 1st post?????

2 years-Time Lag
I signed for the blogging before 2 years. But, I was always skeptical about it. 

Let me tell you in detail. Whenever I try to write the post, the idea of publishing it always dilutes my thoughts. I kept on thinking, let me include this, let me avoid it, what the people will say. In fact, many times, I hide my true feelings in a post. A the end, I didn’t publish it because it is not me. Also, my posts are generally quite personnel. I don’t write about general stuff like government, Life , reviews and all that stuff. In fact, I love writing about myself, my feeling and my take on various incidents of my life.

I thought blogging is killing the creative writer in me instead of boosting it. So, I didn’t publish any post for the 2 years. I block the blogging and write for myself and  none other. I stopped thinking about publishing it. I just write what I like, my feelings, anger and frustrations. In this way, I am able to write a good article without diluting my thoughts at all and at the same time, being 100% true to myself. For around 2 years, I keep doing that. But, today I felt the impulse to publish something and bring life to my dead blog. An idea came to my mind that first write the post and later decide whether to publish it or not. In this case, it will not dilute your thoughts.
I categorized my all the articles as personnel and non personnel and publish the few non personnel ones. Hope you will enjoy my blog and thanks for your precious time.
This is the reason, it took me too long to publish the first post.

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prashantprakash said...

I blog for a reason antonym to what you think is killing creativity. Probably, I am not a writer and hence I can write myself.

May be 20 years down the line I can come back to these binary digits and know more about my life, how it had been so far. This is what motivates me to write.. :)

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