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Husband and Wife arguing about smoking: Quite emotional

Husband and Wife argument
Ritu and Saahil recently got married. Saahil promised Ritu to quit the smoking before marriage. But, he was addicted. Ritu came to know after the marriage that Saahil still smoke. She knew it but never talked about it but as his most of her friend circle also smokes, so, She took it lightly. But, one day, she visits the hospital for some reason and God knows what happened to her. She decided to talk to Saahil about the smoking seriously. Now, She was determined to make her husband quit.  When Saahil went on the terrace to light the cigarette after dinner, she caught him. Saahil was also stubborn and addicted to nicotine. Their conversation went like this.

Day 1 -Monday

“Why do you smoke ? Please quit for my sake.” Ritu said.
“I am not addicted to it. I can quit anytime I want, I smoke for pleasure.” He said.
“Why don’t you quit now?”She said.
“I am too young and healthy. No. of cigarettes I smoke in a day are perfectly ok.” He said.
“Every puff reduces life by 5 seconds.”She said.
“I know lot of people who are in their 70;s and 80 s and are smoking from their teenage. These research ,you know are rubbish and published for the sake of making money.” He said.
“I know people who died in their young age due to heavy smoking.”She said.
“Honey, they must be heavy smokers. I am a moderate one. And it all about destiny.” He said.
“Destiny is decided by our karma’s.”She said.
“Don’t be spiritual Darling.” He said.
“OK, throw it now and promise me never to smoke one if you love me.”She said.
“ I can do anything for you. This is just a cigarette. I will never touch it.” He said.

Day 3-Wednesday

They were going to market to buy the vegetables in their newly purchased car, Skoda Fabia. She find the packet of cigarette in the front pocket.

“What is this?” She said.
“Oohh, This must be of my friend. He smokes a lot. I told him every puff reduces life by 5 seconds. He never listens to me. Such an idiot. Perhaps, his wife is not as beautiful and intelligent like you.” He said.
“Ok, good. From next time onwards, ask him not to smoke in your car."She said.
“ Anything for you, Darling. If you say, I will never allow him to sit in our car.” He said.
“Do as much I said”. She said.

Day 5-Friday

Saahil  had his lunch in the office. He went out for a fag.
Ritu called him to ask if he had his lunch and his opinion on the new dish, she had prepared first time. called  kutta do pyaaza.
“Darling, what a coincidence. I was just thinking about you.”
Vendor said, “Sir, classic nahi hai, Goldflake chalega.”
“You liar. Where are you right now?” She said.
“I am at a shop, just came here to buy the recharge coupon. “He said.
“You Liar, I heard what he had said.”
“Who said and what?” He said.
“Gold flake thing.”She said.
Jaanu, he also sells cigarettes, he must talking with some other customer. You doubt me a lot. I have said, I had already quit.” He said.
“OK, Darling. Don’t be angry.”
“Okay, I  will call you after 5 minutes. It’s too hot over here.” He said.
“Bye. Love you. Will wait for your call.”She said.

Day 10-Wednesday

Every Wednesday, they go to market to buy the vegetables and other grocery stuff. After buying the vegetable, they went to grocery shop and placed the order.
Vendor said, “ 330 bucks for now  and 10 for the cigarettes you buy yesterday and didn’t have a change.”
“I am going to home. “She said.
“Listen darling…” He said.
“What listen? Do you think I am an Idiot?”
“Yes, no,no, no……”
“Listen, yesterday, I was in a huge stress. So, smoked else I have not smoke for last 5 days. Believe me, you know what happen. I came to know that wife of my friend had filed divorced against him on fake grounds . I was so disturbed. He asked me to call him when I was passing from here. I stopped here and I forgot about everything. He was so disturbed. “ He said.
“Which friend?”
“Ajay, remember I told you about him once.” He said.
“What happened between them?”
“Between whom?” He said.
“Your friend and his wife. Stupid.” She said.
“Don’t me ask now, otherwise I will start crying. I will tell you later.” He said.

Day 13- Saturday

Ritu was washing the clothes. She found the matchbox in the pocket of the trousers.
“You said, you have quit. What is this?”
“I don’t know how it came there.”  He said.
“Some Ghost has put there.”
“How can I know? I didn’t know about it at all. Perhaps, you have put it there.”He said
“What the hell? What on earth will me make do it?” She said.
“How can I know? I can’t read your mind. There is always something rubbish going on in that hollow sphere.”He said.
“Stop, for the god sake.”
“You have started it.” He said.
“Leave it. “
“Next time, if I found you smoking or came to know that you are lying, I would go to my parent’s house.”
“Don’t give such arguments. Otherwise, I have to start smoking again.”He said.
“What? You want me to go to parent’s home. I am going.” She said.
“Darling, cant I joke with you? I want to change your mood, that is why, I have cracked this joke. Now, please tell me what the special you had made today in Lunch.”
“Nothing special.” She said.
“I must say there is magic in your hands, even simple food made by your hands tastes so nice.”He said.
“Rehene do,ab” She said
By now, Her husband had master the art of hiding. He continued.
She never caught him. Weeks passed. Months passed. Years Passed. Until one bad day, when Saahil was feeling pain in the chest and they went to the Doctor together.
Doctor examined him and called Ritu in private. Doctor told her that he is having the symptoms of cancer. Saahil underwent certain tests and the result came after 2 days. For 2 days, Ritu didn’t talk to Saahil properly. She also didn’t discuss anything about smoking.
2 days later, result came and Saahil was declared as fine. They were going to home happily. Ritu asked him to go for a long drive. He agreed. They parked their car and began walking along the beach. Suddenly, Ritu started crying.
“What happen, Darling?”He asked
“Why had you lied to me for years about smoking?” She said.
Saahil shocked and also started crying. Ritu told him about the Cancer thing. Saahil didn’t say anything. They never talked about smoking after this incidence. Neither, Saahil made any promise any that day.
But, he never smoke after that .

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Shubham Jain said...

You have a very unique way of looking at future. I must say, Clairvoyant.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot Shubham for your valuable time and comment.

Shashank said...

You made me think...

Unknown said...

@Shashank: You also made me think with your comment that what exactly it make you feel.

I guess you are also a smoker.

BTW, thanks for your comment and valuable time.

Dhanya said...

poor husband.. he have to do so much to enjoy his fag.. nyhow good post

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