Monday, May 16, 2011

Social work or Self development: View on NGOs

What is social work?
Why do we do social work?
What is the job of govt. then?
When inflation had taken the toll of our life, real estate prices skyrocketed, petrol prices are on all time high, cost of living had increased tremendously in metro cities, what do we get doing social work? Most of the people think like this
We always seek the satisfaction in our life personally and professionally. ‘Work is worship ‘  and ‘Family is top priority ‘is the outlook of our generation. It is a human tendency to derive the satisfaction from his work and family. But when one of wheel of his life started  deviating from its normal direction, He tends to become frustrated. In order to restore its satisfaction level, he opted for social work. I have met thousands of people actively involved in the NGO work as they were not happy with their life. Social workers tend to increase their satisfaction level by doing good for society.
There are some people who achieves a lot, find their purpose and work towards it. In short, they are called as high achievers. But what about the rest of us who just flows with the life, living a reactive life instead of proactive. Their priorities keep changing and they are always confused what actually they want out of life. Such people, in my opinion involve them in social work to fill the void in their life.
Few days back, i read an article called ‘NGO lobbying should be made more transparent’. Some of the NGO’s were accused of working for the betterment of themselves and not the society. I believe such cases occurs many times but remain hidden as the NGOs have huge support. When I see the lifestyle of people working in the NGOs, it raised a huge doubt in my mind. On papers, the salary of people working in NGO is very low, but the NGOs lobbyists clicked everyday in page 3 parties. I am not questioning their lifestyle but still their lifestyle appears to be similar to  a fat salaried peoples.
In a broader sense, I would like to compare the organizations with the individuals and their CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) activities as the social work by individuals.
The CSR activities are simply the way to give back to society to counter effect its wastage, pollution and the resources it is taking from the society. The CSR activities’ actual purpose is not to do the good for society but  to market the organizations in a better way.
I would like to state 1 example here. May be it is quite absurd. 

Bill gates is known as philanthropist for his big contribution to society. I sometimes thought, somewhere I his heart he was guilty of stealing Macintosh from the Apple and manipulating it and selling at a cheaper price. I am not all criticizing Bill gates. Perhaps, he take care of bottom of the pyramid and it was because of his efforts, IT has change the way we live.

I am not against social work. After all, it is like a mutual benefit deal whereby you are restoring your dropped satisfaction and society is also becoming better. I just want that the policies for the working of NGOs should be well defined and transparent.


Ravi said...

Well one of several things to which i disagree is the Bill Gates part. still is is not clear what you have mentioned. if you do some research you will get to know the other side of coin. Steve yelling some bla bla on Stanford doesn't mean he was telling truth. Do you know he was accused of not dong any work and just boosting himself, when he was with Wozniak ? Do you know that the real man behind Apple is Wozniak ? and this was the reason that Wozniak fired him from his so called own company.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your feedback. Well, it is accepted by Microsoft itself that Window is inspired by Macintosh. And i think that is enough for me to make this point.
I think Steve jobs or Wozniak credentials are not important here and neither they played any role in this post. But still, i would like to correct that Steve was fired by John sculley, CEO of pepsi, whom Steve recruited himself.

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