Thursday, May 19, 2011

Unleashing traits for names: An attempt

Interpreting personalities by names:     

I know the title would appear quite absurd. Yes, it is actually. Few days back, I lost in the thought what would be the appropriate name for the protagonist of the fictional story that I had already published in the blogs. After contemplating a lot, I finalized 2 names: Ritu and Saahil. The thought behind writing this post is that whenever I will confused about the names, I will get back to it. I uncover one of the thing with this post.  I have some affections towards the name starting with ‘R’ and ‘S’. Facebook plays important role in this post.
Few names came to my mind.
Enter on your own risk

9 abhishek i know, all distinct species. However, trustworthy.
Sensible, Favoritism and nepotism plays role for them in their decisions and remarks

Feku and fattu

Kaamchor and haramkhor

Liars, go to any extent to impress girls, and always crib about other people assets. Exceptions are always there. loyal in every relation which is neither possible nor impossible. Very social. Humorous

They think bike chalane ke liye aptitude chahiye, can mix with anybody in a moment, possessed brain little less than einstein, biggest passion is sleeping, many dates disappeared from their life in sleep only, try to crack the good jokes but not able to....

6 gauravs, all are mast and specialized in sth particular. One is next to paresh ravaal ,other one is sanjay dutt and one of them is chocolate boy.
little Fattu type, show off people, child at hearts.

Self obsessed, competitive, prefer beer over whisky......, Fitness freak

Good and practical Liars, think themselves superior, loves making fun of other, intelligent, can do anything for their loved ones.

Good people, little anti social and all are my good friends. Have lots of thing to learn from them. All are quite aiyaash....

Love hanging out very much, abstain from smoking and drinking and non veg, sadhu type

Shy, creative, trustworthy, give meaning to their life, thinkers, very loyal

ladki patana chahte hai desperately but success nahi milti......, excuses ki dukaan, moody

2 prateek, 1 no. ke talkative (BC), good at heart, always ready to help, obsessed with themselves
I knew 2,3 Rahuls. All of them are quite smart, londiyabaaz, talkative. Latest fashion and the beauty with brains are preferred by them.Ya, one of my rahul who helped me to pass my 8 sems of engineering, extremely helpful

They are typically the Shaukeen type of the people like that of NAwabs from the lucknow. I knew 7 Ravi’s and all are committed. They are good in friendship, however whimsical and of course good in arguments by mastering the art of bad logic,Moody, foodie and can dance without music..

3 robins in facebook friend list. All are intelligent psycho and philosophers too
They comes in variety. Some are extremely intelligent, some are good singers, some are good in sticking to single girls, some have mastered the art of proposing the girls and always learn something after rejections, some are hedonists and some are boasters.

Thoughtful, intellectual type, mad in doing what they like, good in imagining the fantasies with girls.

Best people. I know  4 sandeeps. Trustworthy, best friends, can do anything for you, helpful type, emotional, sort of people whom you go to in search of motivation and inspiration.

All saurabh, I know are toppers. They are forefront people in every respect. All-rounder types.

All the Shubhams, I know in my life are quite intelligent and the best brains, educated in the best of the colleges, cracked toughest of the exams. I have respect for this name in my heart.

What is in a name? Shakespeare

 All are equally good....

I tried this with the girls but few names like neha, swati, richa, pallavi, are so popular and common that I stuck in finding any single feature to generalize. Perhaps, My shyness can be another reason for it.
Stay tuned, my next will be for girls.
90 % of the information is based on my judgment which makes them highly prone to be categorized into poor observation. I am quite bad in judgment.

Please don't comment if you are not agree. You have every right to disagree. This post is written for humor purpose only.No offense!!!!
If anybody want to comment about my name, most welcome.


atul said...

hehe...saari baatein yaad hain yaar tujhe to :P

Unknown said...

bhai sab mast likha h ....specially manas n ashish wala.....add some more....gagan, rachit, sumit,rohit, deepak..etc

Ravi said...

Good One ..!!!! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Atul.

Thanks Gagan. Yes, i will keep editing this post from time to time and will surely include some of the names you have mentioned.

Thanks Ravi

Nitin said...

Good one !!!
Great analysis

Self obsessed, beer over whisky??
Bs yahi yaad ata hai kya mere naam se....


Unknown said...

Thanks Nitin for your comment.

Honestly speaking, at least i felt so.

And beer and rock music are really first few things that come to my mind about you.

Rahul Jain said...

I started following your blog via twitter and hooked instantly to your fresh, inciting, and unpretentious style of writing. My failed stint at blogging has taught me one thing - More than anything it takes a hell lot of perseverance to keep going. And last I checked, "Rachits" were not in the mood to quit.

Unknown said...

Thank you Sirji for your precious time.

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